Which Ladies are more beautiful Fulani or Igbo?

Layefa-Beauty-Delta-Igbo-Nigerian(Credits : Bellanaija)

The country of Nigeria has been set apart with a diverse culture and traditions. The ethnic Fulani were historically a nomadic group with cattle-raising being their long time profession in Nigeria- whereas the ethnic Igbo people have dwelled in the eastern portion of the country.

For quite some time there’s been a controversy between the Fulani and Igbo- however, the attempts to decide typically devolves into an unquenchable debate. Fulanis tend to be rather tall with fair skin; who require almost no makeup to boost their given attributes.

Despite this, most people imagine an archaic young Fulani woman with long braided locks selling goods; a rather outmoded notion as the Fulani people have modernized. The Fulani are an educated and vibrant people.

Whereas Igbo ladies have been widely visible in Nigeria we thought we should offer you a greater understanding of the two sides before you begin putting them in a head to head competition of Beauty. We will be showing you more than a few images of both Igbo and Fulani women. Yet, in the end, we would like to find out which ladies or ethnic group you believe to be the most attractive women. Keep in mind that there’s only a single Nigeria.

Choose from the photographs of several of the Fulani and Igbo women here:

  1. Who do you fancy?

girl 1

2. Who do you think is prettier?

girl 2
3. Decide for  yourself

girl 3

4. Such stunning beauty…


5. Here’s an emblematic Fulani lady in traditional dress

girl 5
















6. Here’s a young Igbo woman


7. Eye-catching

girl 7

8. They simply leave you speechless

girl 8

9. Exquisite…

girl 9

10. And finally…

girl 10

Photos Credit : (Naij)

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