Kogi Speaker Impeached For Greed, Incompetency; “I Remain Speaker,” He Asserts


Momoh Jimoh-Lawal, Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly has been impeached by 17 out of the 25 members of the House. Jimoh-Lawal was impeached together with his Deputy Speaker, Ali Akuh, and Minority Leader, Hassan Bello.

Ukubile Ochijenu of Idah Constituency moved the motion for the Speaker’s impeachment and the motion was seconded by Zakari Mohammed. Within moments, 17 members moved to approve impeachment proceedings and then signed the impeachment document that effectively sealed the dismissal of Jimoh-Lawal.

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Godwin Osiyi Ojo of Ogori Magongo Constituency was elected the new Speaker and John Abah of Ibaji Constituency elected the Deputy Speaker.

John Abah, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Information, later spoke to the media in Lokoja and noted that the unanimous decision to remove Jimoh-Lawal was based on the fact that the House had been tolerating him for too long, even though the public and other members of the House had been calling for his impeachment for an equally long time.

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Abah said Jimoh-Lawal was impeached on the “grounds of incompetency, poor leadership, betrayal of trust and inability to fully represent the House effectively,” among other alleged failures.

But Jimoh-Lawal is not taking this lying down, stating that the process for his removal was faulty and without full recourse to due process. He added that members that signed his impeachment used irregular signatures and that the police have been invited to look into the development.

As far as Jimoh-Lawal is concerned, “I remain the Speaker!”

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