“Kingdom Hearts 3” Updates and Gameplay Features

Kingdom Hearts 3(Credits : Youtube / IGN)

Square Enix, the creator, and developer of the Disney-centric, action-RPG Kingdom Hearts franchise, are reportedly close to completing the most awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. While the developers have been traditionally tight-lipped about the games’ developments, Tai Yasue, game director for Kingdom Hearts 3, recently provided an exclusive interview with GamesBeat about the game’s new combat and interaction systems, he shared Kingdom Hearts 3 Updates and gameplay features.

In addition to what is usually expected from the Kingdom Hearts’ games, Yasue stated, “Kingdom Hearts 3 will be better if you understand all the other stories…but at the same time, you can enjoy it without following the whole arc.”
This comes as an exciting insight into the new game’s storyline, and how Square Enix envisions the interactions between the existing games’ storylines.

Since Square Enix’s 2005 release of Kingdom Hearts 2, they have released eight additional games into the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

This game is really easy to learn and play. In Kingdom Hearts 3, some stages are really challenging in nature but at the same, it is easy for the beginners to learn and play.

Yasue also added that same command for the game was used in this version. The reason behind using the same command Manu was to make an ease for the old players of the previous Kingdom Hearts series.

During the interview when they were asked about what works best for the franchise as a whole? This question was answered by the game director as he said that “the magical points system has “worked well.” He also said that when it comes to gameplay developers and company don’t want to do the same things. Although so many things are same in the game but still Kingdom heart lovers are going to enjoy great changes and upgrades in the game. Players will absolutely love all the changes made in this series of the game.

There is this magic spell in the Kingdom Hearts 3, this magic spell will not only explode but also it will add magic in the game. This magic lingers in game and players get a chance to call a Snowstorm, this blizzard will create a place for the players, where they skate on the ground in the game. that is going to be really amazing.

There are few other things in the game as will which will make it a really enjoyable experience for the players to play it. Graphics and environment in the game are making it more exciting and enjoyable, according to the report given by gameBeat.

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2015 trailer has been released and it shows that the Key blade used in the game weapons can transform into an even more powerful weapon for players.
In addition to this, the key blade can cast magic rides; these rides are motivated by Disney’s theme parks when it comes to graphics of the parks.

In addition to this, there is good news for players as Disney announced last year that players, who were playing with consistency at higher stages, will be able to ride the robot Baymax from Big Hero 6 movie. Congratulations to advance level players.

But till now Disney and Square Enix have not opened their sealed lips about the release date of the game this year. During interviews which were taken in 2014 with the game, Informer Yasue said developers have been working “full throttle” on the game. He also said that they were making fast progress in the game development process.

We cross our fingers and really hope that more details about Kingdom Hearts 3 will be shared in the next months of this year.

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