Kayaking On The Water For Pokémon GO Battles

Pokemon Go(Credits : Pokemon)

Pokémon GO trainers continually prove again and again that they are the very best – some players will even take off, bearing onto the ocean to win battles.

Within the augmented reality game, players can actually see nearby pokémon in the real world, including museums, official buildings, and landmarks. These locations designate on your three-dimensional game map where Pokémon can be found and where battles are taking place.

Wellington, New Zealand is the site of one sought after location. The position can be discovered by a fountain – unfortunately, the fountain is right in the middle of a sizeable water feature. Players, therefore, can’t just walk up to it and collect the Pokémon– they must either swim to it, risking getting the phone wet; or find a boat.

Needless to say, a pair of inventive players kept their wits and ventured to the nearly hard to reach the location by kayak to dominate the area.

Although I really love playing Pokémon GO- I’m also incredibly lazy, I’m having a hard time getting myself to even get up and go looking for generationally beloved creatures, or go to the nearby gym. Pokémon GO has gotten more kids up and exercising than most health programs have in years.

In Australia, Mashable tracked down who these two ingenious champions were- Kelsey Thomson and Lizzy Eden both of the Blue Team, had rented the kayak– from get this, another Pokémon trainer of a different team!
However, Team Yellow eventually swiped the claim on the nearly exclusive fountain gym.

Well, there’s on unpredictable upshot for Pokémon GO – a sharp uptick in boat rentals as trainers take to the ocean maintain supremacy of their part of the game. Could anyone have known how widely popular kids would find this, the same kids who usually live on the sofa?. For more information visit: Unilad

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