Karisma Kapoor is impatient for Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s baby

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It has been so many years Kareena Kapoor has been married to Saif Ali khan. Two months ago we heard most exciting news from “babo” that she is going to be a mother of Saif Ali khan’s baby. This news is exciting for all the fans are waiting to see babo and Saif first born child. We have seen few pictures from the beautiful Kareena Kapoor of her maternity look. And as the media and comments on social media showed that Kareena Kapoor is the most beautiful maternity model we have seen in Bollywood.

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Recently when Karisma Kapoor, elder sister of Kareena Kapoor was asked about her comments regarding the pregnancy of her sister and baby which is coming soon, she was very happy and excited about the news. She said that the whole Kapoor family is waiting impatiently for the baby to come and become part of their clan. She says that she can’t wait to see Kareena Kapoor’s child. Kareena Kapoor married to saif Ali khan, a few years ago and this is going to be the first child of Kareena Kapoor with said Ali khan. Here is what she said when she was asked about the pregnancy of her younger sister:

“Well, I think it’s happy news for all of us out there. We are also eagerly waiting (for the baby) as a family.”

Karisma Kapoor was at the launch of Amy Billimoria’s collection which is festive collection because of Eid and other festivals coming ahead. Karisma was wearing a black dress from the collection and she was looking stunning on this event. She was then asked about the secret of her beauty and she replied saying that

“Honestly, I feel the secret is to never go by fad and trends. Do what you believe in. I think I am old-fashioned in that sense. I love doing yoga,”

As we all know that actress has left the film industry for a long time now fans are waiting for her to come back in the industry, but sadly she has no plans in near future. When she was asked about her comeback in industry she said:

“Whenever I am willing to, but not right now. I am quite busy with my home and kids, my endorsements, events and everything. But the day I find a right script, maybe I will make up my mind, you never know.”

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According to her, Kareena Kapoor is not concerned about the kind of mother she is going to be for her child she is juts busy enjoying her pregnancy days and taking care of herself and baby. She thinks that you never know about future and she is not concerned about her figure and body shape, she will be having after her pregnancy and just not thinking about all this right now. But as the Bollywood media is very spicy there was in the news that the actress is going receiving any movie offering because she will look fat after pregnancy and she will not be in acting. While Kareena Kapoor said about these Rumors that:

“As far I am concerned I have been very lucky. It’s all about your attitude and the way you look at things. It is the way you approach things that really matters. I don’t look at Bollywood as it stereotypes. It’s the roles that come to me from which I will pick and choose the best that is offered to me.”

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