Japan’s Beverage Giant, Suntory, Is Sending Whiskey Samples to Space to Test Its Ageing Process

suntory wines and whiskey

In order to know how the best whiskies and wines would taste after some years under zero gravity, Japan’s whiskey giant, Suntory Holdings Ltd., is sending a pack of top-quality whiskies and wines among other alcoholic beverages to space.

Suntory will be sending six of its best whiskies to the International Space Station (ISS) located thousands of miles above Earth on August 16 aboard Kounotori – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s spacecraft which will be launching into space on the said date.

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Wine researchers at the alcoholic beverage company said the experiment will prove whether wines and whiskies develop a “mellower” taste after sufficient ageing under zero gravity – which is only obtainable in deep space.

A 21-year-old single malt whiskey and another beverage which has just been distilled among other samples will be dispatched off, and the samples will be in space for at least one year or more before analysis is done to determine if they have developed another taste that couldn’t have been possible under the environmental conditions on Earth.

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The experimental drinks will not be made available for sale to the public, but they will be subjected to further lab tests by researchers. “For the moment, we’re not thinking about applying the study results to commercial products,” a Suntory spokeswoman said.

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