How to fix your water damaged phone better then rice option

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Within recent years the idea of dropping your phone into rice grains if your phone just plummeted into a container of more than a few drops of water has permeated our collective consciousness, it’s understandable, but now there’s a new idea!

While embedding your device in grains of rice is a tested solution, particularly when you place your waterlogged gadget into a sealable, airtight container of rice for quite some time. However what if someone mentioned to you about an enhanced method of restoring it with a more successful average?

Well, get ready because your life is about to flip upside down once again.

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It’s an almost ridiculously simple option: kitty litter.

Yeah, while it may not seem like an attractive idea (rice was?) to plant your soaked android in a bin where your cat was trained to relieve itself, however, this method had been a verified top-quality drenched telephone redeemer- at least that’s what Gazelle, a phone company claims, so why not attempt it the next time you drop your phone in the toilet.

If you decide to try it and you need great instructions try Life Hacker’s website. They offer many great other how-to as well.

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Common sense would tell you it’s a good idea to begin by shaking all the water out of the small device, followed by an air dry, once you’ve done that then you are ready to put it in a container of cat litter for as much time as you can go without your phone.

And you may as well make a game of it because it’ll really be a very long time. We suggest you allow about 2 days submerged in the litter crystals- but if it remains a brick you may have to cash in this cost saver and go buy a new phone.

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Best of luck to you all!

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