Hillary Clinton Diagnosed with Serious Health Issue


Hillary Clinton diagnosed with serious health issue

Hillary Clinton was recently diagnosed with Pneumonia last week. The news unfolded this Sunday, when she collapsed near her van after leaving early from a 9/11 ceremony being held in the New York City. In an interview on Monday night, she told the media that she didn’t think that Pneumonia was going to be a big deal as she had to step up her election campaign.

According to her doctor, Hillary had been experiencing cough previously which she pinned on her allergies. However, this Friday, she was diagnosed with Pneumonia. She was advised a bed rest of 5 days and was prescribed antibiotics by her doctor, but she didn’t take it seriously, and decided to carry on her election campaign. With less than 2 months’ time left in elections, Hillary was afraid that her health issues might stall her election campaign schedule. Anyhow, after Sunday morning’s episode, it is quite evident that her carelessness didn’t turn out to be good for her, as she had to cancel her trip to California.

Recently, on a phone call with CNN’s reporter, Anderson Cooper, she admitted that she should’ve taken some rest earlier. She also told him that that she is feeling much better after a day’s rest and she will be back on her campaign schedule as soon as possible. However, Hillary has been constantly denying the report that she passed out in her van. She told Anderson that she felt dizzy at the ceremony and as soon as she entered her air-conditioned van, she was feeling better immediately after having a glass of water. Hillary had been pinning her cough on allergies for over a week, after which she consulted her doctor, who diagnosed her with Pneumonia.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, seized the opportunity of Hillary’s absence rather clumsily by accusing her of having ‘contempt’ in her heart for her voters, for Hillary’s recent critical comment over Trump’s supporters. While Trump’s argument might be valid, it is rather an unfair move to criticize Hillary’s opinion in her absence. Although, Mr. Trump did not mention Mrs. Clinton’s illness in his campaign, he did wish her to get well soon on a television interview on Monday morning. It is evident from Mr. Trump’s recent accusations on Hillary Clinton, that his advisors are showing an impression of desperation, considering the window of Mrs. Clinton’s health, an opportunity for Trump to press his case against Hillary’s campaign.

Furthermore, Mr. Trump declared Hillary’s campaign as negative and a hate-filled one. Mr. Trump also demanded an apology from Mrs. Clinton on the behalf of the critical remarks she made regarding Trump’s supporters. Trump also declared that Hillary cannot campaign credibly after her hate speech against his supporters. However, as it seems, Mr. Trump might not be able to get such a fighting chance in future to make his plea in front of voters, and proving himself as a worthy candidate.

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