HBO Confirm Exactly Who Jon Snow’s Real Father Is

Jon-Snow’s-Real-ParentsPhoto : HBO

Game of Thrones fan’s were very happy this weekend when Jon Snow’s birth folks were finally exposed .

Well actually the episode showed Ned wasn’t the father , in fact it was Lyanna who gave birth to Jon which leads most to assume that Rhaegar Targaryen is his father .

It wasn’t revealed in the episode , but he’s pretty much the only person which makes sense , and HBO have uncovered via info-graphic that he is actually the baby-daddy .


Photo : HBO

How should this impact the upcoming days of the Seven Kingdom’s ? Daenerys is coming to acquire her throne back and Jon’s possibly a threat to that , particularly if Rhaegar wedded Lyanna .

Nevertheless Rhaegar was wedded during Robert’s Rebellion , which from a technical perspective implies that Jon’s still a bastard perhaps not a Snow ? Possibly a Sand or a Waters ? Even though to be honest Targaryen bastards have been a bit puzzling .


Photo : HBO

In the books one of Daenerys’ ancestors got a bastard known as Daemon Blackfyre who battled for the throne after his father died , even with the series of succession becoming fairly clear that he wasn’t the rightful heir .

Previous time this occurred the Dragons were more or less wiped out in ‘The Dance of the Dragons’ so could possibly Jon undo all of the Dany’s good work ?
They’re gonna require the Westerosi equivalent of Jeremy Kyle to sort this out !

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