Hate rats? Imagine a Spider that size! Released near YOU!


You show me someone who isn’t scared of spiders and I’ll show you a lier!
This is the breaking news we are petrified of.

Zoo keepers have been unleashing some huge spiders into the wild, it’s for a good cause but who cares? They are massive! Someone needs to stop them.

They are called Fen Raft spiders, if you come across one you’ll be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled into a horror film, they can reach the same size as a rat, which should never be a thing.



So the idea is because the Fen Raft is an endangered species animal lovers are trying to increase the numbers, which sounds admirable of course until you run into one.
Luckily for us they are a species that tend to stay in wetland areas and not living rooms so I guess I can support the good work of these nature loving zoo keepers. Also they can catch fish which, credit where credit is due, is pretty impressive considering I have tried for hours and have never succeeded.
The guys at Chessington World of Adventure Zoo have recently been given a huge well done for their work reintroducing these critters their real homes. For 5 years they nature freedom fighters have been fighting to grow numbers and take them of the endangered species list.



It’s a scary pleasure to state that numbers have increased by 100%. The chances of running into one of these little beggars has doubled! Good work guys, but next time maybe pick something less terrifying.

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