Happy Independence Day Pakistan: Long Live Pakistan

Happy Independence Day Pakistan

On the 14th of August, Pakistan’s Independence Day is held each year which celebrated the country’s independence from the British on this date in the year 1947. On this occasion patriotism and national unity is to be promoted throughout the country.

All over Pakistan, this day is celebrated with patriotic zeal and zest. On this day many people attend parades and dress up in green and white which reflect the flag colors of Pakistan. People also visit places of national importance, monuments and celebrate the Independence Day. They also meet relatives and visit different recreational spots and spread the love.

The national flag of Pakistan is hoisted on the buildings; public and private even residences and monuments at night. Also, the official buildings are fully decorated with lights such as the parliament house. The prime minister and president of the country address the citizens and congratulate them on this day and talk about the significance of this day. Streets are also colorfully lit and decorated with candles and other oil lamps. On the eve of Independence Day, a fireworks show is also put together.

The independence day of Pakistan also pays homage to the people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom movement of this nation and devoted their lives to attain Independence for Pakistan. A change of guards also takes place at the mausoleums of great leaders including Muhammad Iqbal who was a great poet and a philosopher also a politician and Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is the founder of this nation also known as Quaid-i-Azam meaning supreme leader.

Different events are held throughout the day which includes many theater programs, different national song competitions, and concerts. All these Independence Day programs are broadcasted by Radio and television stations especially the national songs and special plays for this day.

Public life:

There is an official holiday for all the Pakistani’s on the Independence Day 14th of August. All the offices; government and non-governmental both, educational institutions, different organizations, post offices, banks and other markets are closed.

Public transport is also not available throughout all the major routes and Traffic blockage is a common issue due to the Independence Day parades.

As it is an annual tradition that Google places a doodle on its homepage in Pakistan. And this is the 6th year that the tech giant is celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day by featuring a customized logo on the homepage.

Facebook has also contributed to the celebrations by greeting all the Pakistani users with a message which says that ‘Today we remember and honor those who fought for the Pakistan’s Independence and send warm wishes for happiness and prosperity’.

The doodle on Google is clickable and it opens to a new link which is a page consisting of a list of Pakistan’s national days.

This year Google also highlights the pictures of different artifacts from the era of the Indus valley civilization including a Dancing girl and the Priest-King of Mohenjo Daro.

The Indus valley civilization is the most ancient and advanced civilization of the old world it was also known as the Harappan Civilization. It was discovered in the 1920’s and now breakouts have been occurring recently since 1999. Different archaeologists have not decoded the local language up til now which is written in the Ancient Indus Script.

Google pays a tribute to Pakistan through its homepage; the last one was a lit candle which was a sign of homage to all the victims of the Quetta blast.

Last year the doodle for the Independence Day consisted of the Lahore fort which is commonly known as the Shahi Qila, also a historical built from the Mughal Era.

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