Google’s Phone App For Nexus Now Warns You About Spam Phone Calls

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We all are familiar with spam emails we can easily filter these emails in our inbox and in google nexus we can get our phone protected from these spams. But there is also a problem with spam calls, infect sometimes these calls are the basic source of spams in our phones and these can later turn into scams.

Google has received so many complain about Spams in phones during the previous year. Luckily google has found a solution for its customers. Now Google’s phone app for nexus now warns you about spam phone calls

Google wrote on google plus today saying that:

“We’re beginning to update your Google Phone app with spam protection on #Nexus and #AndroidOne devices to warn you about potential spam callers and give you the ability to block and report these numbers. If you already have Caller ID turned on, spam protection will be available on your phone once your app updates to the latest version.”

How it will work:

Possessors of Nexus and Android One smartphone who turn on a facility that recognizes and presents the telephone numbers of inward bound calls (made to a specific line on their phones) will have access to the new spam safeguard attribute after they modernize to the newest adaptation of the Google Phone application. However, it is uncertain as to how Google recognizes probably the not needed calls.

Nexus and Android One smartphone users who take delivery of phone calls that Google believes to be spam will see the expression “alleged spam guest” or “ inappropriate ” on the screens of their gadgets. Customers can then go to their phone history to see the alleged irrelevant calls and then decide to obstruct calls coming from the allied phone number.

They also have the choice to confirm the irrelevant phone call.

Google is modernizing the phone application that is incorporated in their Nexus gadgets to take in defense of useless telephone calls. The most recent adaptation of the application will make you vigilant when an approaching call may be an “assumed” to be from an irrelevant caller and subsequently permit you to take further measures on it.

With Caller ID and defense against irrelevant calls turned on, customers will be able to obstruct as well as provide information regarding the inappropriate phone calls.

Commencing inside the latest calls record, a hit on a phone call which you would like to inform will put forward an opportunity to “obstruct/inform as extraneous” you will be able to see preferences inform as unrelated and subsequently obstruct , presuming that you want to perform both the actions.

For the purpose of detecting the site for it, all you have to do is to unbolt the Phone application, hit the 3-dot list of options knob for additional choices, and afterward strike on the Caller ID and spam defense segment. In case you previously have Caller ID permitted in the Phone application on your Nexus, you will involuntarily acquire the spam defense just the once you accept the most recent information, which should commence presentation at the moment.

Customers have always been priority for google and they are investing millions in research and development department to find solutions for customer’s problem. Android users are happy with this new app of google.

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