Game Of Thrones Season Six Trailer in Suicide Squad-Style

GOT(Credits : Youtube)

The sixth season of Game of Thrones just ended several days ago with some seriously volatile and action-packed episodic television that David Benioff and D.B Weiss have produced so far, how will they top it?

Maybe they’ll drop some really normal stuff like spoilers although if you happen to have been living under a rock and still haven’t watched this season’s finale, what kind of fan are you? Seriously, what kind?


(Credits : Youtube)

Now that we’ve cleared out all the nonhardcore fans, we’ll carry on…

Upon going beyond insane, Cersei Lannister is little by little unquestionably taking down and setting off King’s Landing.

Arya Stark has returned with a homicidal frame of mind in slashing Walder Frey’s throat, the killer of Robb, her older kin.

In the North, we witnessed King Jon Snow become the newly crowned.

Which makes Sansa Stark one very sharp hand in the politics of Westeros.

Not to mention the wee issue of Daenerys Targaryen, three dragons, the hordes of Dothraki, and the Unsullied warriors who had crossed the Narrow Sea beside the just heirs to the Iron Islands: Theon and Yara Greyjoy.

So, with all of that happening; how could this menagerie improve on the fantastic battling and conflict? Perhaps a Suicide Squad stylized trailer mash-up of the sixth season?

Well, YouTuber VG934 read your mind and produced such a thing- and it’s seriously well done!

One might assume you’re already in tears of joy at how well the mash-up is, right? Or was that just me?

Although the video is basically simply scenes from GOT which were synced to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (a track that never get old); more so it’s the editing and timing that really make it an over the top production.

Between you and me- did you happen to see the look Jaime gave Cersei once he returned to the discover that his sister and lover were sitting upon the Iron Throne?

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