France vs Iceland match preview Euro 2016


France may be anticipating a major battle in tonight’s continuing saga of Euro 2016.

With Iceland now being in the quarter-finals, the match up is hailed as a David vs Goliath since Adil Rami and N’Kolo Kante are each unable to participate with the French team.

In yet another larger than life game on the continent, the clashes will persist against the host, France, who will vigorously attempt to subdue the dazed adversaries, Iceland, for position in the heated semifinals of Euro 2016.

France arrived at this position following an intensely remarkable response from Ireland during the second go around against Atletico Madrid’s striker Antoinne Griezmann’s 2 to1 win with an exceptionally inspired play.


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The larger-than-life meet had portrayed Ireland capturing control of the outcome only two minutes inside the competition, and all because Robert Brady returned the ball to the grass following Pogba’s awkwardly plowing Shane Long into the goal.

Griezmann had made the play during the last part of the skirmish in an effort to assist the French team to trounce the panic that the Irish had brought with them.

In a pregame interview with Le Blues manager, Didier Deschamps, he remarked: “We know Iceland often use low, straight throw-ins with well-defined positioning because that’s something they’ve been repeating match after match.”

Although, France’s defender Adil Rami and midfielder N’Golo Kante are each unable to play in tonight’s match against Iceland due to receiving a second yellow card during the tournament when they had competed in opposition to the Republic of Ireland during the last-16; Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny are both close to a game ending infraction as well.

And if France does move ahead- this may be a substantial contest. Be sure to watch tonight, and follow for more insights and news.

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