Five Years And 1500 People Made This Startling Map Of Minecraft

Map Of Minecraft

Minecraft, is the kind of game with nearly infinite potential; this massive map is a real demonstration of what anyone can achieve if they use their wits with the right idea.

After five long years, 1500 players, and a dizzying number of builds, ShireCraft is revealed- astonishingly their world has a functioning rail system; which is almost outlandish.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- that’s passion! Although it’s hard to put into words what they’ve manifested. ShireCraft even has its own legal system including regulations. For Pete’s sake, in order to join you must apply for citizenship– in this structured, prosperous virtual society they won’t stand for any of your baloney.

But don’t start out demanding to start constructing major projects willy-nilly. ShireCraft has a schedule of builds where small projects are to be built at minimum 100 blocks away, in the wilderness; from other creations. While staff members must sign off on larger developments.

Just peek at an excerpt of the infrastructure rules:

The Shire Transit Authority will maintain all rail lines and highways connecting cities. Please do not build any rail lines or highways without their consent or supervision. Specific standards have to be met and the STA is the only team qualified to do so. Contact STA Director Andy if you have questions or wish to set up an appointment with your local STA representative.

Although that excerpt doesn’t truthfully do ShireCraft justice; their Wiki page is deeply thorough. It would seem that you can’t assemble a remarkable realm lacking policy.

It’s difficult to say if we should be in awe, or alarmed that one the day of their choosing they will stand up and bring down our civilization.

Here are some additional pictures to leave you with.

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