Finally scream is returning on MTV, and this is what will happen during season 2

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Just at the time you think it was secure to return to Lakewood. On Monday, May 30, Scream of MTV will come back for a blood-soaked second season, as the network has announced the return will be with another killer playing a psychotic (and deadly) mind-game with the imaginary city.

But what will happen to our preferred crowd of survivors as podcaster Piper asked for revenge on her real mother and tried to kill her, like just with everyone?

Bring the chair forward, because we’ve got the tea: Season 2 becomes popular just some months after the innovative killing binge, and Emma (who is played by Willa Fitzgerald) has just come back to Lakewood after trying to improve herself in treatment.

There is keyword: “trying.” Her friends and the whole family are walking around her on shells and curious whether Emma has gotten over the incredibly shocking turn of events — plus that time she watched her boyfriend being cut in half by a piece of farm machinery (RIP Will) which surely must hurt.

In the meantime, the favorite of all fans Brooke (played by Carlson Young) is now publicly dating Jake (played by Tom Maden) — see ya, Mr. Branson — but the two are still keeping their love a secret from her father, and we still consider him a shady Mayor Maddox.

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1) As About Date and Time:

The “Scream” season 2 premieres are going to happen on Monday, May 30, at 11 p.m. on MTV.

2) The Plot

As about the plot not making big spoilers, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) is returning to Lakewood after some necessary treatment from her encounter of season 1.

She comes together with her friends, Brooke (played by Carlson Young), Audrey (played by Bex Taylor-Klaus), Noah (played by John Karna), Kieran (played by Amadeus Serafini) and Jake (played by Tom Madden), at least feeling relaxed and ready to handle the world.

Certainly, as we are speaking about “Scream,” season, 2 doesn’t take much time to get going. There we can see a new Ghostface killer on the loose and his or her motivations are not known at all.
One of the biggest raggers for this season is that MTV doesn’t want spectators to reject Emma from being the villain this time.
There raises a question whether she will ask for revenge on Audrey if she learns her part in the actions of season 1?
The premiere is named “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” so that is considered an open opportunity. Those people who liked season 1 should feel gratified with how 2016’s story begins.

3) Now about New Cast Members

Certainly, we yet haven’t seen episode 1 ourselves, but advance previews and reviews show us that the “Scream” season 2 premieres will bring some new characters to the cast list.Among them, one can see Gustavo (played by Santiago Segura), Sheriff Michael Acosta (played by Anthony Ruivivar), Zoe (played byKiana Ledé) and teacher Karen Lang (Austin Highsmith).

Gustavo and the sheriff now represent new father-son duo of season 2. The boy has a bad mania with serial killers and even succeeds to out-gore Lakewood’s slasher geek, Noah.

Zoe is a longtime friend of Emma; their friendship has previously been described as “a driven overachiever that harbors a dark secret.”

As predicted, Karen is principally the stand-in for last year’s instructor figure, Seth Branson. The trailer recap includes in itself detailed bios for the session 2.  There might be more character presentations, but that’s all we know for now.

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