Amazing Features Of IPhone 7 Releasing This Fall

IPhone 7

Some leaked videos and pictures of iPhone 7 are showed us that this is going to be an awesome year for apple and iPhone users.

Users were really disappointed with iPhone 6s as we always expect some awesome new technology and features in every new version which is different from the previous version.

We have good news for customers who were previously disappointed with the iPhone 6s. This September Apple is going to release brand new iPhone 7.

Apple has released iPhone 6s this year but it didn’t bring any change in the previous version except 3D touch technology.

We have gathered some amazing features and description of iPhone 7 for our readers. If you want to more about this release you have come to right place. Below is complete description and features of iPhone 7.

Screen Size:

Leaked pictures have shown that Apple didn’t change the screen size of iPhone 7. So we have the same screen size as it was in iPhone 6 generation. It has 4.7 inches screen size with an aluminum unibody frame which is protecting the phone.


Display of iPhone 7:

Again company didn’t change its standard display. IPhone 7 has 1080p LCD. But surely company has made some major changes in display features for example colors combination with warning night effect,  color changes with the change in temperate etc. It ahs so many great features. But Apple is using same LCD technology.


Cameras of iPhone 7:

According to leaked videos and rumors, Apple has made upgrades in both Cameras. We expect a huge upgrade in iPhone technology and Upgrade that can compete for DSLR or it is at least nearly of DSLR quality. Released pictures showed that there is a major change in the sizes of cameras.


Software of iPhone 7:

This year on worldwide conference Apple has already announced that they are going to install IOS 10 for next generation. There will be a major upgrade in iMessages. IPhone Users can add animations in iMessages can shake it and can add bubbles in messages. So we have added features that are Stickers, emojis, you can actually draw your message, you can add links and much more.


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In IOS 10 there is a completely new set of wallpapers which are for home and lock screen.

Hardware of iPhone 7:

If we talk about the hardware of iPhone 7 we can find so many changes. There is a completely different hardware from the previous generation. They have surely made an increase in RAM size. We have come to know from the recent news that iPhone 7 is going to use 3GB RAM. On the other hand, we saw 2GB RAM in IiPhone 6 generation.


(Credits : Linkedin)

In addition to this, there are Upgrades in Hardware of iPhone 7 which are made due to Upgrades in Software Display size and Cameras. We expect to see lot more from Apple this year in Hardware of iPhone 7.

We have come to know a lot about iPhone released which is going to be released this September. We are expecting a lot more from apple as we all know that we always get new versions which are completely different from the previous one in non-S series of Apple generation. And this is again a non-S series and this is going to be major profit source for the company as customers are waiting for a totally new version of hardware and software.

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