Your Famous PaRappa series would be aired on Fuji TV

PaRappa series would be aired on Fuji TV(Image: Tumblr)

A new animated short series of none other than the famous rapper Parappa, the rapper with the title PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya will be launched on August 18 in Japan. This was announced by Fuji TV. The episodes of this series would not be long.

PJ berry who is the bear and PaRappa the rapper could be the stars of this show but you can also expect characters like PaRappa and Chop.

The very first episode of PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya Munya will be aired next week on the famous Japanese variety show, Hi Poul. The other episodes will hit the market in the month of October. It’s not clear yet whether these episodes would go outside Japan or not. Parappa has been very famous and has its anime series for Fuji TV in 2001.This series had 30 episodes.

PaRappa the Rapper is the original play station game created by Rodney Greenbelt and Nana On- Sha. This game would be 20 years old this December. Parappa the Rapper is a 2001 Japanese television animated series which is based on NanaOn- Sha’s PaRappa the video games. This series is created by Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenbelt and was produced by J,C, Staff. This famous series was aired in Japan on Fuji TV between the period f April 2001 and January 2002.In this animated series, there is not much involvement of rap which is found in video games but the company is more interested in presenting as a children’s show.

This animated series is based on Parappa a dog who loves music and dancing. This dog loves to spend his time with his friends Katy Kat, P.J. Berri, and his beloved Sunny Funny. There are many characters in this animated series which are more into video games but there are some characters that are just fit for the TV series. These characters are Matt Major, Paula Fox who is Sunny’s friend but is always against Katy, Parappa little sister, Pinto and not to forget Gaster and Gruber who are the main cause of mischief.

It is not good news for you that you are not likely to see another episode of PaRappa the Rapper in the near future. However, the fantastic news has been announced by Fuji TV as it is about to air the pilot episode of the PaRappa anime series, PJ Berri no Mogu Mogu Munya-Munya in the famous variety show Hi Poul. This would commence on August 18 in Japan. The other episodes of this famous animated series would be on release in the month of October. The PaRappa series would mainly focus on the DJ bear PJ Berri unlike other game series.

Do not expect the episodes to be very long for PaRappa

As far as the PaRappa series is concerned you should not expect long episodes as a single episode will only last for 96 seconds. This time, you would not hear PaRappa singing the famous “got to believe”. It is good to know that the PaRappa series was not much popular until its original game became popular in the year 2006 due to PSP. If you are not in Japan you may find it difficult to watch this game. Although this game is popular in PSP but it is losing its charm and originality.

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