“Fake” Kenyan Gynaecologist Nabbed For Sedating and Raping Female Patients

Mugo wa Wairimu

A Kenyan blogger and “gynaecologist,” Mugo wa Wairimu, has been arrested in Nairobi, over charges that he operates a clinic without government licence, and that he has been sedating and raping female patients. He has been charged with a 12-count charge, and currently remanded in prison custody until he can meet bail conditions.

The public outrage against Wairimu spewed forth after a Kenyan TV showed a video footage of a man having canal knowledge of an unconscious woman on a clinic bed.

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This is not the first time Wairimu would be alleged of sedating and raping his female patients, but he has always denied the accusations and called for proofs of his misdemeanor – widely using the social media and blogging platforms to air his views on social issues.


Investigations revealed that the Medical Practitioners Board in Kenya does not recognize him as a bona-fide and registered doctor in the association.

Following the public video which surfaced on Kenya’s private Citizen TV, Wairimu disappeared for over a week, before being caught by people who alerted the police to his presence at a hotel outside of capital Nairobi.

He is to remain in prison custody till Monday, October 5, since the authorities believe releasing him might endanger his life, given the level of outrage against him in the streets and cities.

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“Mob justice, media or otherwise only replaces due process in failed states. Kenya is not Iraq, Syria or Yugoslavia,” wrote Wairimu, who is also a blogger, describing the allegations against him as “malicious”.

mugo2 When the court hearing was in progress on Friday, he managed to do a Facebook post saying he is “unbowed” by his ordeal and that “may justice be our shield and defender.”

In a August 24, 2014 Twitter post, Wairimu tweeted that rapists should be castrated because “with the cases of rape I’m coming across daily in the course of my work, I now support castration of rapists upon conviction 100%. No crime is bigger than rape.”

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