Facebook is Going to Test Video Ads During Live Broadcasts

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If you are a Facebook user who watches a lot of Facebook Live broadcasts, bet ready to see some ads. Facebook has said that it is testing video ads during videos on its live platform.

An announcement from Facebook, given to the newspapers, confirmed that a “small test” of adverts is placed into live streams and is being run. This test includes “a group of publishers” who can insert a short ad break” during their Live videos.

During recent years the social network has shifted to heavily favor videos. Nearly two years ago the Silicon Valley firm modernized its algorithms to rank videos directly uploaded to its system more advanced than other posts; the videos people selected to watch would “be available to a larger audience” the company announced.

The change towards video has been an enormous success for Facebook. In July the company’s earnings for the second quarter showed more than 1.7 billion people use the network each month and the revenue for that period ($6.4bn) were up 59% comparing the previous 12 months.

In a statement released together, with the company’s financials, Zuckerberg announced that they are particularly pleased with their development in the video as they move to the world where the video is at the center of all their services.

As they confirmed to the Adage, they are testing now short video ads that are about to play during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts.

It shouldn’t be a surprise for ones who follow Facebook and their numerous video products. Video ads are profitable for Facebook, and a live product devoid of ads would make the company miss out on lots of potential ad income.
So how they are going to work? It is not clear now. As for now, the company has just hired “a small group of publishers” to insert a short ad break in the Live videos. The ads will appear anywhere after five minutes into a live stream, and it finishes up to a maximum of 15 seconds.

Facebook told advertisers that during the beta all ads being shown during Live broadcasts will be taken from other supported video campaigns which are already running on Facebook. But it’s safe to accept in case if the test is successful advertisers may soon have the capacity to create custom ads chosen to be shown during Live broadcasts.

So what control should video producers have? Adage announced that publishers can regulate what category of videos advertiser can show during their stream, and turn it off in case if a Live feed isn’t properly themed to contain an ad (like a delicate breaking news story).

And in as about revenue – during the examination period publishers aren’t able to get a portion of the income produced from ads during their live broadcasts, but it could in the future depend on how Facebook chooses to construct their live ad product.

It’s also not clear yet whether publishers will be able to set a designated “commercial break” where all watchers see an ad at once, or if Facebook will casually commandeer a live stream with a 15-second ad. If it’s former and publishers can start a designated instrumental break, it could, in reality, be an ad product that publishers and content creators end up liking.

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