Expected Release Date of iPad Mini 5 and Specification

iPad mini 5

If you want to know everything about it, you have come to right place. We have gathered all the information about price, released date and specification of iPad mini 5 for our valued readers.

In September 2015, iPad mini 4 was released by Apple it had significant style changes, updated specs, with so many options that were built in this 8 in a tablet. IPad 4 mini was very innovative and technical tablet by the apple. It received good reviews from users all over the world.

Now we can’t stop thinking that when apple is going to release next iPad and what apple is going add in that new generation.  Well, we have good news for our readers that according to rumors apple has just announced the release date of iPad mini 5.

Release date:

According to authentic sources like iPhone 7, Apple is going to release next iPad in September 2016. Rumors are that first Apple is going to release iPad mini 5 in September then Watch 2 and Smartphone of iPhone in the same month.


iPad mini 5 is expected to have same retina display which was  7.9inc in the previous iPad mini series. However Apple was receiving so many complaints about the durability of previous iPad mini, for that, we have good news for Apple products lovers that durability problem has been solved by the Apple. Now they have used 7000-series aluminum chassis which is going to make iPad mini 5 more durable as compared to the previous version of iPad series.

If we talk more about the hardware of iPad mini 5 rumors are that we are going to have a thinner version of iPad. Apple has managed to cut some millimeters from iPad 4 mini which makes new generation 5mm thick and 1mm thin as compared to iPad 5.


We have got 3D touch feature in iPad as I was available in iPhone 6. The display will also be pressure sensitive touch.

Battery design:

Because now we have thinner design so e can expect that battery size would be reduced by the apple designers. Apple has always upgraded its battery design and technology in its next generation of all product lines. Because battery has to be able to meet processor needs.


Well, we don’t expect that apple is going to upgrade cameras technology in iPad mini 5. It already introduced high technology last year. But we would appreciate if apple could make some changes in the front camera of iPad 5 mini because it would enhance face time quality of iPad 5 mini.


Having only 16GB space option was really frustrating in previous versions of iPad. We really hope that this time apple could think of some other option. They should introduce 32Gb and 64 Gb options as well so that we can have more space and app options. We cross our figures for this thing to happen in iPad 5 mini-series. Or there is another option for the apple that they can introduce an option for external space storage which has never been done by apple for iPads and smartphones. This option would be really appreciated by users because having 16GB space only in apple product is really frustrating.

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