Eric Trump Says Ivanka and Donald Will Not Be Harassed

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Roger Ailes, once a chief at Fox News, is accused of sexually harassing Ivanka Trump. Eric Trump on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, adamantly stated that his sister has and will not put herself in a spot to be harassed in such a way or another. His explanation delved into what Donald Trump, his father had been commenting on- especially the instance of how he would react to anyone treating his daughter in such a way.

On Monday according to Kirsten Powers, a Fox News source provider, and regular USA Today writer; Donald believes that she would seek out a less hostile environment, likely with a different business altogether.

Additionally, on CBS This Morning, when Charlie Rose raised the question of- if the presidential nominee of the Republican party was willing to maintain his response or if Eric Trump believed that his dad understands that there may have been better reactions such as alerting the Human Resources department by making a formal complaint to resolve any alleged sexual harassment in the office. However, Eric Trump expressed that: “There is no question that that should obviously be addressed, and it should be addressed strongly.”

Eric added that everyone runs a business, including his father, and that they all take harassment extremely seriously. And as such, Eric demonstrates the level of passion which his father has, especially concerning his own daughter. Eric Trump reveals that the family sees Ivanka as a strong, powerful woman. The kind of woman they believe would not place herself in such a predicament to be objectified, although he did go on to say that visiting Human Resources, as the tough person that she is wouldn’t see the point of making such an accusation since she is so tough. Eric Trump believes his father’s words spoke well enough to that end.

Eric Trump’s sister Ivanka, however, isn’t the only one to have trouble with Robert Ailes, the former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson had already sued him on the matter of sexual harassment in July. Carlson had tweeted that it is “sad in 2016 we’re still victim blaming women. Trust me I’m strong.”

The staff at Fox News, especially current anchor, Megyn Kelly, encourages colleagues past and present to stand up for themselves to speak out against Ailes and anyone who harasses them. Although Megyn Kelly merely tweeted “Sigh” in her reaction to Eric Trump’s response to what his father had said the day before. Although this isn’t surprising as Donald had personally insulted her in a previous debate she had proctored, as well as the fact that she’s also accused Ailes of misconduct.

Although the comment has drawn criticism towards Eric Trump which has destabilized further the already shaky ground the nominee is on after the controversy of the words said to the fallen soldier’s family recently.

During the interview with Charlie Rose, Eric Trump attempted to solidify what his father had said and calm the feud that came after the family had spoken at the Democratic convention. With that, Khizr claimed that Trump has never read the Constitution of the United States.

On Tuesday, Eric Trump attempted to bring levity to the story by addressing the family’s son as an astounding person- however, he stated the underlying issue was terrorism instead of their son.

Eric Trump described how his father has been harassed himself brutally, but that the situation has taken out of context.

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