At Disney World Father Attacked By Alligator While Trying To Save Son


Lane Graves, a 2-year-old boy, had been pulled into deeper water and slaughtered by an alligator outside in Florida at Disney World recently.However, the grieving dad believes that there had been two alligators mixed up in the loss of his son.

While attempting to save his child’s life, Matt Graves, asserts that he himself was also harmed by an additional alligator that hadn’t been reported on.


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His son Lane had lost his life at the Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Report Spa & Metro while authorities have indicated that Mr. Graves had given his information on the incident to the captain of the fire department.

It seems Matt had related his story of the ordeal while en route to the nearby hospital for care of his own injuries which he took on during the battle with the alligator.


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Additionally, the Orlando Sentinel has verified the Mr. Graves account of the gruesome nightmare with the sheriff’s departmental office. Angelo Nieves a representative of the department stated that a bystander had seen an additional alligator begin to engage the man as well.

Matt Graves’ emails had been retrieved by the local newspaper at the Fire Department in Reedy Creek.

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Furthermore, Captain Tom Wellons had relayed the Graves’ story the following day to the heads of the department the Orlando Sentinel continued.

Despite trappers killing and dissecting five alligators attempting to redeem at least a part of the body- it had, fortunately, been located beneath the water, intact within 24 hours of the search beginning.


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Although, alligators are a common nuisance as state records indicate- in the last decade there have been more than 240 removed and destroyed at the resort.

In the aftermath, the resort has improved signage concerning the activity of regional animals.

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