Difference Between PS4 and PS4 Neo

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It was supposed to be a secret that Sony PS4 is going to release 2017: but it wasn’t well kept until Sony firmed its presence and it’s not long until Sony decides to show off its specs and hardware.

On the other hand, Microsoft has declared not only one but two consoles in competition with the Sony’s PS4 Neo. The names of these new consoles are Xbox One S and the Xbox Scorpio, with the release of these gaming consoles the old and traditional gaming consoles will come to an end as they both have lessened the lifecycles of hardware.

The question that arises is that will PS4 make the current model of PlayStation totally out of use? Another question is that will the console be getting any special and unique games? What new will be introduced in it technically as compared to the previously existing console? There is a lot to theorize but this is all we know until now.

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PS4 vs. PS4K

Power: The new console PS4K will be quite different from the original console as it will surpass it in terms of the speed and processing power. According to the latest reports, it will be twice as powerful and dynamic it will use the AMD GCN which consists of 36 computing units, these computing units run at a 911MHz.It will also consist of an improved graphics processing unit and a faster clock speed (2.1 GHz vs. 1.6 GHz) for its increased processing power.

The already existing console of PS4 consisted of only 18 computing units, these computing units ran at 800 MHz The new PS4 Neo will also consist of a faster and dynamic memory of GDDR5.The memory is originally the same which is 8GB but as compared to the previous PS4, it will run rather faster at 218GB/s the previous one ran at a speed of 176 GB/s.

All these reports are originally unconfirmed but the one that is actually confirmed by the chipmaker AMD is that its new custom chipset is expected to release by the end of 2016 which would truly predict what new Sony has up for us i.e. what does the new system consist of.

4K video playbacks are a very interesting option for the developers as they can use the increased power of the system in this way and Sony wants this to as 4K is very big news for the home cinema right now.

But the disadvantage of 4K in the new PS4 will be that it will only be able to play videos and the user cannot play games using the 4K video playback this is an alarming situation for the developers. The PS4 Neo will require 4 times as much power as compared to the original PS4 to play the games in 4K video playback too. It would be wiser to wait for improved rates for the frames instead because a lot of games do not run in 1080p at 60fps on the current PS4 console.

Developers have also expressed disappointment for the current console of PS4 as it does not support the virtual reality to that much of an extent. That is why Sony has decided to give the new PlayStation VR a performance boost it is expected to launch this year.

Sony has promised to give the PlayStation VR a minimum 60fps to run so the games do not lag and avoid other issues regarding the motion sickness. This was originally a very difficult task for the existing PS4.The new systems enhanced processing power will make the experience smooth for the users and developers so they do not have to settle for a bad graphical detail.

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