The D3400 Announced by Nikon Latest Updates

Nikon D3400(Source: Nikon)

The D3400 has now been officially announced by Nikon this is the newest entry level DSLR introduced by the company. It is the successor to the previous generation camera namely D3300. This new camera does not contain many of changes but it has one big change which is its Snapbridge software that comes with it, it has an always-on Bluetooth low energy connection which allows the camera to automatically transfer the images from the camera to the user’s smartphone without any Wi-Fi connection.

This Snapbridge software was introduced with the DS00 which is a more popular DSLR presumed by people released earlier this year at the CES but this feature has not seen a big rollout. As the D500 was released earlier in this summer, the Snapbridge software not only works for the Android smartphones but also for a version of ios with an app which has not yet been shipped.

The new entry level DSLR D3400 will be a little lighter in weight than the previous D3300 and it is impressive in considering that the D3300 is already a 30 percent smaller in size and 25 percent lighter in weight than the D3200. The company says that the D3400 will weigh approx. 395g which is 15% lighter than the D3300.

This new camera has the same 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor which is already present in the D3300 and it also does not have any low pass filter which has been a trend in the recent years which has allowed the camera makers to squeeze a little more detail from the image sensors at the cost of making them more susceptible. It also employs an EXPEED four image processor present in the previous generation. Snapbridge is the newest feature announced because other than that it contains the same features present in the D3300 announced two years ago.

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