Continuously damaging conditions and increasing migration rate in Syria


The present situation of Libya due the deadlock between the supporters of presidency council and the supporters of Khalifa Hafter and the Libyan National Army is getting worse day by day. Recently, armed forces lead by Khalifa Hafter attacked the four oil terminals which were previously controlled by forces loyal to presidential control. The oil terminals are the only main source of income for the Libyan government.

This condition seems to have a bad effect on Europe as 235,000 immigrants and refugees are helpless and homeless and are planning to migrate to Italy through the Mediterranean Sea. This will cause a sudden and huge increase in population in Europe. Destroyed cities, warfare, political instability, insecurity, and hunger are the main reasons due to which it is difficult for people to survive in Libya.

In an interview on Thursday, Martin Kobler UN envoy to Libya said that although the journey through the Mediterranean Sea is quite dangerous but still thousands of Libyan immigrants and asylum seekers are waiting for the favorable chance for migrating to Libya. This can increase terrorism and human trafficking in Italy and other European countries.

He added that by controlling the present war situation in Libya and providing security to the Libyan people will slow down the process of migration . In a press conference ,Kobler said that depriving Libya of its major source of income must not happen and such incidents can divide the country, he would like to discuss this topic with Khalifa Hafter and try to make the situation better for the local people.He said that under such problematic situations,it is so absurd that Libya was once the richest country of Libya and now it is facing such conditions. In such situations, young people have a strong desire to leave the country for a stable life and career but such steps can not build a strong country for them. According to him, safety is the main solution to this problem.

Apart from the Libyan conditions, Libya has become a major gateway to the Europe and a huge number of migrants from north Africa and middle east reach Libya to enter Italy through the Mediterranean  Sea.Before Libya’s port ,Balkan Route was the Major, north from Greece, the route   for the Illegal immigrants to enter the Aegean and European countries.This was causing great problems ,for example, human trafficking had become a headache for the European countries. At last,The Bacon route was closed. So after the closing of Balcon route, 1770 kilometer of Libya’s coastline has become a strong route for the passengers. Not only Italy but many other countries are also facing the immigrant’s problems.

Even though the  Mediterranean Sea is not an easy route to pass through, refugees are still putting their lives in trouble to have a secure life. According to UN reports, till August 24, about 270,547 refugees entered European countries through different routes of the sea and about 129,000 reached Italy. Although the number of people traveling through sea greatly increased in the current year but still nearly 3167 people died or lost during their journey through the Mediterranean Sea which is almost double the number pf people died last year which is about 1917 . But still,  somehow , people are facing this difficult journey in order to survive.

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