“You can’t chop my words up!” : Scott Baio Clashes On-Air With MSNBC Anchor

Scott Baio Clashes On-Air With MSNBC Anchor(Credits : Scoopnest)

While covering the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio, MSNBC’s host Tamron Hall collided with long time TV celebrity Scott Baio relating to things he had said about Michelle Obama’s presence on the internet and social media.

Tamron Hall talked about how Baio, who had spoken at the Monday night convention, had removed her from his Twitter. Hall assumes he had dismissed following a tweet he had made which showed an unfavorable pic of Michelle Obama some time back.

The former star of sitcoms of the 1970s and 80s like Happy Days, Baio, could only conceive that her removal was made in error. Attempting to return the focus on the convention, Baio, toyed with the allegation- after all, this is the same Scott Baio that plays Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development- he does have a sense of humor that is a little out there.

Instead of letting the situation smooth out, Tamron continued to confront him- intending to get to the heart of how his previous comment would improve the country.

Scott, in turn, argued that his teasing post had been about a woman, any woman shrieking at her spouse and that it happens with many couples everywhere.

Except that Tamron wasn’t about to just buy his reasoning at face value, instead, she pointed out that what he said wasn’t about his own spouse. Tamron suggested that the first lady is beyond criticism

Still wanting to put this baby to rest, the once child star mentioned how doesn’t focus on just the first lady, but rather any politician’s wife could be fair game. Hall’s rant was beginning to visibly really get to him, and he tried again to untwist his words on the posts he had made about the First Lady Michelle Obama.

However, the MSNBC host chewed out the TV star asking if this was acceptable behavior for people, or that it would present a good example to children, after all- the children are the future.

Scott chose to stand by what he said, not focusing on the responsibility of being a good example to children. Tamron instead interrupted him, pointing out that his social commentary, like his photo of the First Lady on the internet, doesn’t necessarily change things. She also mentioned how Baio is a parent while she is not- and even mentioned that posting controversial things isn’t limited to white or black people.

After again and again trying to get a word in, Baio finally was able to tell her; “It has nothing to do with race,”

Hall then categorically denied what she had said, claiming that she hadn’t said it. Sharply, she said “I do this for a living. You can’t chop my words up. I am telling you clearly what I said. What I said was, we’re all here together.”

As the heated scuffle ensued, the MSNBC host grilled the recurring actor on whether or not there’s any better version of himself. With all the back and forth, and all of Baio’ exasperation, Tamron Hall closed the interview piece by taking the high note and one-upping the Baio by giving the audience a big smile.

TPM has a clip of the interview for you to see here:

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