Box Office: Sausage Party making debut of $25M, Pete’s Dragon has no match

Sausage Party

According to the film Sausage party by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg has a strong chance of over performing. As everyone wants to see the performance of film Suicide squad in its second week of release on the other hand film Florence Foster Jenkins by Meryl Streep also releases this Friday, it is going after the adult audience.

There is going to be a lot new stuff consisting of action and comedy at the weekend on the box office all thanks to the adult comedy Florence Foster Jerkins in which they’ll be talking about hot dogs, and an opera singer whose role is going to be played by Meryl Streep, a group of super villains and a very family friendly dragon who is named Elliot.

Well according to predictions there are a lot of chances that Suicide Squad is most likely to stay at No. 1 in its second outing too. The question that arises is that will it or will it not hold. The critics have claimed that the outrageous Supervillain film opened to $133.7 million last weekend which was like the best debut of all time in the month of August although it had a drop-off from Friday to Saturday but still it earned $13.1 million on Monday and $14.3 million on Tuesday which brought its domestic total to about $161.1 million for the Warner Bros.

Suicide squad is expected to earn up to 47 million to $54 million on the coming weekend which shows a decline of about 60-65%.

Pete’s Dragon by Disney, Sausage Party by Sony and Annapurna, a live action reimagining of a 1977 movie and last but not the least an adult comedy film Florence Foster Jerkins Starring Hugh Grant along with Meryl Streep are the three new entries for the weekend.

Sausage Party in roughly estimated to debut in 2800 theaters and it has a good potential of breaking out as a hit all thanks to its modest budget , commendatory reviews and highly talented producer duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and also the whole team behind ‘This is the End’. This duo partnered with Sony and Annapurna to make this movie whose story is about a brave sausage who guides all his fellow hot dogs on a mission to learn what really happens to them when they leave the grocery store. Its script is by Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Rogen and Goldberg and it is directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

According to predictions, the R-rated adult comedy film is to be opening up in the range of 15 to 20 million dollars, which is projected due to its showing a $19 million production budget. Box office analysts believe that it could do more than what it’s predicted to earn although Sony is being very conservative claiming that only up to a low to mid-teen millions would do so. Micheal Cera, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Jonah Hill, David Krumholtz, Nick Kroll, Edward Norton, Danny McBride, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd and Rogen are all part of its voice cast.

There is a current 88% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes for the film Sausage party currently. Along with an 86% of rotten tomatoes for the Pete’s Dragon which is not far behind from the Sausage Party, it is rated PG and is being featured in about 3702 theaters and the other film Sausage party is debuting in over 2800 theaters having a potential of making a breakout hit because of its talented cast, glowing interviews and amazing producers and director and script writers.

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