Apple’s iPhone 8 Release Date: Features, Rumors & Specs

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In 2017 it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and for that particular occasion, Apple has something major prearranged. There is more than a year away from the presentation of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s determined plans connected the device already, some rumors are spread about the remarkable possibly of iPhone coming in 2017.

It is still very early to discuss, but let’s have a look at the new iPhone for 2017 even though we don’t have even iPhone 7 yet. We think Apple might well be holding back some unique things for the iPhone 8 so here’s all that you need to know in connected with release date and specifications.

We cannot get to the official with the iPhone 8 release date. It’s not even essentially going to be named that. Nevertheless, currently that’s the name we’re using to keep things simple, it is considered that the iPhone 8 will be the new leading smartphone for Apple in 2017.If Apple Company continues the traditions, the iPhone 8 release date will be approximately September 2017 which we accept will be a year after the iPhone 7.

The name “iPhone” is for “Interactive Phone”. During these years Apple has succeeded in keeping the name and captivated the customers with splendid services but the price paid for the services is a bit higher than for the others.

But at the end, the specifications of iPhone 8 and its features will be astonishing as they are always “The Apple iPhone Series” of the Apple Series which will make it compensating for the entire Price. They suggest a price-tag but at the same time amazing and astounding Smart-phones.

IPhone 8 Display:

We can see that the screen size is increasing with each iPhone series. So what will be the next? IPhone 6 is with the display of 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches. So iPhone 7 is considered with a 6-6.5 Inches screen at max, so we think the same is deemed to be with the Apple iPhone 8. As if the size increases even from 6 Inches it would already get into tablet category and not in the phone one. Apple will never go into a tablet category with iPhone8 so it is evident to keep it to 6.5 at the most!

Camera specifications:

The camera of Apple iPhone 8, according to the rumors spread is expected to be 12 MP in iPhone 7 with a front-facing camera of 4 MP. So according to the estimations and trends, iPhone 8 have 14 MP primary camera and 4 MP front camera.

That would be picture-perfect for the selfies and the vacation album! Apple never compromises with the display and the Camera Quality. And the iPhone 8 will show very astounding quality for both.

IPhone 8 Memory:

Apple iPhone 8 is probably to come in changed variants compared with the previous launches it will have Variants of 64 GB and 128 GB, but the glam will be 256 GB Variant.

RAM of iPhone 8:

If we consider the specifications of the “Apple iPhone 8” RAM it is considered to be 8 GB and the device would become very powerful after being powered with 4 GB RAM

Wireless charging:

Currently, Apple is working on the technology of long-range wireless charging. So it is to be implemented in iPhones as soon as 2017, making it an ideal adding to the iPhone 8.

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