Apple Watch 2 Will Have One Glass Solutions For Slimmer Display: Larger Battery on the Way?

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In the previous quarter, Apple’s wearable device had a 47 percent share of the market, which is expressively less than the 72 percent share that it had in the second quarter of last year. But at the same time it is but still big enough to stay as the market leader, because Samsung and Lenovo which are the closest competitors in the industry, only held a 16 percent and 9 percent share, respectively.

With the help of the second iteration of the Apple, Watch Apple hopes to keep its status of the market leader in the smartwatch industry. The up-to-date report concerning the Apple Watch 2 shows that the wearable device is about to have a thinner display, which would certainly free up space for Apple to work with the smartwatch’s internals.

A report by a Taiwanese touch panel manufacturer DigiTimes on TPK Holdings showed that the company had a loss of NT$2.50 billion dollars, which is equal to about $78.3 million dollars, for the second quarter. The huge loss was considered too because of reducing touch panel orders by Apple for its iPhones, together with the company’s decision to change the touch panel technology in the Apple Watch from G/G to OGS.

G/G is definitely for glass-on-glass, while at the same time OGS protects one glass idea. As we can understand from the names of the technologies, a glass-on-glass display requires two glass layers to make up the OLED touch screen of the Apple Watch, while at the same time a one glass solution only needs one glass layer for a thinner display.

By removing one of the glass layers, Apple could free up some space within the Apple Watch 2, with the presumptuous that the next variant of the wearable device keeps the thickness level of the first version of the instrument. The removal of one of the glass layers would also decrease the weight of the smartwatch.

So what is Apple about do with the additional internal space? The Apple Watch 2 could make a bigger battery to allow the device to work more in everyday working, or it could also fit in another component such as an LTE or GPS antenna.

There was a report released in February corresponding with this development, where the analyst Gene Munster is claiming that the Apple Watch 2 will have the same design as the original Apple Watch but only with the upgraded components.

The Apple Watch 2, if certainly, that would be its name, is expected to be shown in the fall season, likely together with the upcoming iPhone 7.

According to TPK Holding, the products of the OGS panels for the second-generation Apple Watch has seen some unpredicted technical problems, resulting in low yield rates. It is not clear whether this will its impact on overall production of the second-generation Apple Watch.

The large reason for loss for the second quarter was mainly because the orders of a touch panel for iPhones continued to decline. Apple is about to change touch panel technology from G/G to OGS (one glass solution) in the new Apple Watch which is about to be presented in the second half of 2016, TPK said.

The change in touch panel technology included in itself unanticipated technological problems and therefore as a result rates for OGS touch panels were much lower than anticipated, TPK explained.

The Apple Watch 2 is said to feature only minor design changes with primarily under-the-hood spec improvements. Cellular connectivity, a faster processor, and a better battery are possibilities for the device.

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