Apple has Launched TV Remote App with Siri Support for iPhone

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Apple Company just launched iPhone remote app which is Apple TV’s companion. This remote app is fully supported by black Apple TV; you can easily replace this app with the remote which you get with Black apple TV. Isn’t that amazing? Apple has always proved that they bring best technology and innovation for their customers. This time, they fulfilled their promise again.

You have to follow this simple procedure and can control your apple TV with your touch gestures.  The procedure is really simple just use the keyboard of iPhone to enter email addresses, then set your password. After setting your TV is under your control using your innovated TV remote App. You can pause, play or can fast forward your music and videos.  And if you have the latest generation of Apple TV you can simply ask your Siri Support to find something for you which you wish to watch.

At WWDC after first testing TV remote app Last December Company developers have been working on the product to promote it. So now Product is ready you can easily download from the Apple Store and can use it.

If you have a previous remote app by Apple which is unable to support features on the fourth generation Apple TV, don’t worry now you can easily replace that Remote app on your phone with this new one. This app supports all the Apple TV generations.

Unluckily there are few things which need to be improved in this version of the TV remote as well. This includes that you are not able to use regular Siri to control your Apple, which means voice control can only be used if you press and hold microphone button only within the app itself. In missing features, there is also this problem that you can’t use it in iPad. For users, this thing is very frustrating that this app again is not iPad optimized. Plus you can’t find the same home sharing feature in the app that enables you to control iTunes on a Mac. But apple’s original TV remote control app is able to support iPad as well. But that was never updated to properly use on the display of 12.9-inch iPad pros. Another problem which has been faced by the users is that they can’t watch anything from TV on your phone. 

But despite these few missing features overall app is appreciated by all the users they have shared views on social media they are quite happy with the launch. If you’re using Apple TV this app is a nice addition to your Apple TV usage. Apple TV

Apple has posted a detail report about the TV remote app on its official website. So according to that report here are following features which are available in TV remote app.

“It can Navigate Apple TV with your touch gestures you can speedily put your text, email addresses, and passwords using the keyboard of the phone. You can ask Siri support which is your digital assistant to find anything for you, anything you like to watch.  Using this App remote you can turn on Game Mode for game controls”.

Users are happy about the app as it has enabled them to enjoy more technology and innovation. We would love to see more from Apple.

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