Apple iOS 10 Update– All You Need to Know


At the WWDC held in June 2016, Apple announced that a new version of iOS, the iOS 10, is in the works. Recently we have reported the new OS is finally ready to be officially launched. Right after the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple is all set to release its latest mobile operating system for its consumers. According to Apple, the official release date for the iOS 10 is today, September 13, just 3 days before the release of iPhone 7. Apple announced the release date of iOS 10 at its recent launch event along with the Apple Watch Series 2 and the iPhone 7.

Reportedly, the latest iOS 10 comes with an extensive range of appealing features. According to sources, the whole user interface has undergone a total revamp that will affect the usability of the devices running the OS, hopefully, in a better way. Let’s take a brief look at what the new iOS 10 has to offer to the users.


The new iOS 10 will be compatible with most of the Apple devices, unless you’re on an outdated device. Take a look at the list below for the devices that will be getting the iOS 10 update.


  • iPhone 6 lineup
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5 lineup


  • iPad 3rd generation & higher
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air series
  • iPad Mini 2 & higher


  • iPod 6th generation

The iOS 10 won’t be shipped to your iPhone if you’re on the 4S or anything older than that. Same goes for the iPad 2 and the iPad mini, as well as the 5th generation iPod touch. It’s no surprise that Apple has drawn a line here for these devices, considering the fact that most of these run on 512MB of RAM that is quite insufficient to support the Apple’s latest OS.

Latest Features

The new iOS 10 comes with a wide range of new and exciting features. The new iOS 10 strives to make the UI more user-friendly with major UI tweaks & optimizations. Let’s take a glance at some of the new features that the iOS 10 has to offer.

Lockscreen Enhancements

Additionally, the lockscreen design has been revamped offering:

  • Rich notifications for lockscreen
  • Third-party notifications with “Peeking at apps” capability
  • Camera and widget shortcuts for lockscreen
  • Apple News notifications for lockscreen

Smarter Siri

The new iOS 10 comes with an improved and smarter version of Siri. With the integration of “Intense API”, Siri will now be able to understand a statement in a number of ways. Additionally, along with Apple’s stock apps, Siri will also be able to work with third-party apps, such as Whatsapp, Uber, etc.

Additional Features

Additional features on the new iOS 10 include:

  • Water detection: All iOS 10 devices will now display warning messages upon detection of water.
  • Raise to wake: The new iOS 10 update brings raise to wake feature to all the compatible devices.
  • Improved Control Center: The Control Center, introduced with iOS 9 has been improved greatly, and is categorized into Apple Home, quick settings, and media playback options.
  • Intelligent QuickType Keyboard: The new QuickType keyboard is more intelligent than ever, making suggestions based on current location, ongoing events, and deep-learning conversational analysis influenced by Siri.
  • Improved Apple Maps
  • Perked up Phone & Messaging app


Introducing a number of cutting edge features and UI tweaks, the Apple iOS 10 might be the next game-changer in the smartphone industry, when paired with Apple’s upcoming smartphones.

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