When is Apple Going to Release iPhone 7 and 7 Pro/Plus Specification?

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Evan Blass, who is known as a best leaker and Venture Beat reporter has revealed the big news that, when is Apple going to release iPhone 7 and 7 pro/plus? These both persons have very reliable sources and they have a history of perfect leaks about release dates of apple.

If they are right then we are going to see iPhone 7 this September after the release date of iPad 5 mini and Watch 2. According to them, we are going to witness and enjoy so many upgrades and features in next series of iPhone smartphones.

Last year after the release date of iPhone 6s customers were disappointed with the release because apple didn’t make much changes and upgrades in the previous release. There was just this one change of 6s technology. This made users disappointed and frustrated with apple release because users always expect some upgrades and innovation in the technology used, design and features in every new version of all apple products.

We understand this disappointment and frustration by users for Apple released last year that why we have a good news for our readers that this September Apple is going to release iPhone 7. For apple product lovers this is going to be an awesome year because we have heard so many changes and innovations in a new generation of smartphones by apple this year.

So are you ready to know all about this new release by apple? For our readers from some leaked videos and pictures and rumors about iPhone 7, we have gathered all the information related to design, features of iPhone 7. If you are an apple lover and you want to know everything bout new release you have come to right place as below you are going to know about complete features of iPhone 7.

Features & Design of iPhone 7:

Evan Blass has revealed that Apple is not going to change the screen size of iPhone 7 this time. So we have the same screen size of this series as it was in iPhone 6. It had 4.7ins screen size which was pretty awesome with an aluminum unibody frame which was making the phone more durable. Again apple made sure that phone is protected and durable with aluminum unibody frame in iPhone 7.

Some reliable sources have revealed that again apple is going to use its standard display which has 1080p LCD display. But we cross our figures that apple has made some major changes this time in display features of its new generation of smartphones. For example, sources are saying that apple has changed colors combination with warning night effect of the screen display in IPhone 7, new smartphone changes its color with the change in temperate. We hope to see a lot more from apple in the display of new series.

IPhone 7 size

Apple has changed the quality of both Cameras which are going to be installed in iPhone 7 this September. Innovation is important for apple and customers who are using apple products so there should be more innovation in cameras and features of cameras. Imagine if your iPhone 7 can actually compete with DSLR? Isn’t that would be amazing? Well, we would love to see that in next mobile from apple.


In addition to this apple has made changes in Software which is going to be iOS 10 and hardware. We are waiting for this release and hope apple keep up its standard of smartphone quality in this non-s generation.

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