Apple CEO Tim Cook Briefs about the Launch of iPhone 7

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In his interview, Cook talks about the very famous people and their ways of doing business. These people include Warren Buffet and his great gesture of returning money to stockholders, Anderson Cooper and his policy for entrance out, besides famous personalities like Bill Clinton and Laurene Powell. Tim also talks about the fate of Apple as far as its latest technology is concerned with respect to its performance and appearance.

There is a big mistake which Cook made as this time he happened to introduce Apple Maps. This mistake made by Cook is also acknowledged by John Browett who had an Apple store for a good amount of time. According to John the CEO of apple, Tim Cook realised that introducing the Apple Maps was a big mistake.

It is quite evident that the expansion of iPhone has been limited but as far as the service of Apple products is concerned it is huge and promising. The services of Apple include iCloud; iTunes and mobile payment service are simply authentic and great and have the capability of being in the Fortune 100 hundred for many years to come.

Bigger is the word that Apple has acquired recently

The present strength of the employees of Apple has multiplied by four times in a big way as compared to the statistics for the year 2010.The line-up for iPhone has widened in an exclusive manner. This was a turning point and a decision of increasing the number of employees was very rewarding indeed. Now Apple is into the watch business due to which it has its presence in health and wellness. Every attempt is made for the betterment of this product and lots of hard work with outstanding quality has been done to improve its performance.

The negligence of iPhones

The negligence of iPhone is considered as a privilege and not a problem. The other products apart from Apple products do not give the right ratio as far as the consumer wiring products are concerned. No other product is better than Apple in this regard. Apple has been a great product which has won the hearts of billions of people all over the world.

On replacing Steve Jobs

Tim Cook thinks that Steve Jobs is simply great and nobody can take his place. Tim considers Steve as a special human being and replacing him for a post of CEO was not considered ethical by him. As far as the tenure of CEO is concerned everybody was under the impression that Steve Jobs would continue for a long time. Everbody believed that Steve would become the chairman and would work a bit less due to his health issues. But as luck would have it just after six weeks due to his bad health he died. This day was considered to be an unfortunate day for everybody. Although it did not look good at this time but we had given assurance to ourselves that he would hit back as he always did in the past.

On Entrance Out

I was always thinking about kids. He always had removed records of the kids who knew that he was a gay and he was also not serious. This was something which the kids had seen on the web. These were the kids who were always at the receiving end and out of these kids some were made to do so by their own families. Due to their suspicion the kids could not gather anything and also they could not do anything. In fact at times the kids were seen reciting a sermon and were under depression. The only suspicion was that I need to do something.

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