Alligator Attack Them See What Happened Next

alligator attack

Alligator Attack Them See What Happened Next : Throughout time there have been countless people all over the world that have come across alligators and crocodiles and instead of simply going on with their lives they approach the giant beasts and play with it.I wouldn’t, not even for a million dollars, but you might.

These creatures may seem very slow moving, but when push comes to shove all their muscles fire up at once and then all your remaining feeling of safety is gone in an instant. Poof! It’s just gone.

Alligators have lived on the earth for millions of years; this doesn’t just happen- with every generation of new predators being born out there in the wilds so these giant animals have over time developed incredibly well suited built-in armor. As predators themselves, a good defense is the best offense, these predators need to be able to not only handle their environment exceptionally well but also repel their prey from evading capture.

Many people have made all kinds of sacrifices and put their lives in jeopardy just to try and get closer to alligators and crocodiles alike, oftentimes the animals collect on the debt that people have temporarily made in the process. The footage below will absolutely terrify you!

Alligator Attack
Not many people can say that they bring in a king’s ransom for simply putting their skulls into the jaws of alligators. I certainly doubt that’s a very common dream job unless you’re like 10. Often times career head-inserted-into-animal performers will be bitten by the ferocious animals as well as typical compensation by the time the presentation is over. In the video, you’ll see no less than three segments of similar circumstances.

Plus, having your head and neck gnawed at isn’t a laughing matter; you can’t have much of a life without a head. Alligators pack a greater bite than the king of the jungle the lion. While lions and tigers, the biggest and most carnal of their territories have a 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi) powered jaw, the alligator has jaw muscles capable of over 3 times that coming in at 3,700 psi in their bites. They can literally clamp down and suffocate you without even having to use their grizzly teeth. But they will anyhow, no sense in wasting time.

These performers and not always smart people don’t tend to consider ever being in a position where one or some of their body’s limbs happen to become lodged in a croc’s mouth. And alligators and crocodiles aren’t the only animals to worry about either- other reptiles will attack you as well and not always by much provocation. In one instance a man paid the ultimate price to make a presentation to earn a few bucks, he was decapitated by the dangerous living monster. Most men just lose a hand or foot, which is bad too, but at least you still have the story to tell about it!

Crocodiles are nearly a match for alligators except that their jaw is powerful enough to simply rip away the limbs of a human like it was a rag doll. Not only that, their teeth are incredibly sharp teeth, they seem like incredibly lazy animals always lounging around or swimming at snail’s pace but that’s their metabolism which can quickly kick into overdrive- they’re almost always in peak health. Perhaps this compilation will keep you out if their mouths, or maybe just out of the water.

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