UPDATE: 18 Lions Arrested For Killing Three People; Convicted Lion to Get Life Sentence

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Eighteen lions have been put on trial in a bid to find the one or ones that participated in the killing of three people in Gujarat State of India, the BBC reports. Once the culprit or culprits are identified following the ongoing tests being conducted on the “arrested” lions, the convict will get a life sentence. A life sentence in this context means the “guilty lion” will be banished into a zoo for life, and its colleagues released back into the wild. [ad name=”PostTopAd”] To this extent, the paw-prints and faeces of the 18 lions are being analyzed at the moment to identify the killer big cat among them, Zee News states. A top forest official revealed management may have actually identified the guilty lion from tests done, but nine more lions need to undergo the guilt-determining tests. Wildlife experts are also analyzing the behaviour of the animals since man-eater lions tend to get aggressive at the sight of humans. [ad name=”PostBottomAd”] The Gir National Park in Gujarat can only accommodate 270 lions, but actually has almost 400 lions within the park, causing some of the lions to wander off the park and encounter humans in unexpected places. But then, India’s Supreme Court had ruled that some of the lions in Gujarat be moved to other states to reduce the possibility of disasters or outbreak of diseases among their populations.  

Update: Following the publication of this story one hour ago, there is an update to the effect that the “guilty lion” and man-eater has been identified with human hair and tissue found in its excreta, according to new reports from Daily Mail.

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