After 10M Users on IOS Prisma is Now Available For Android

Prisma App

Prisma is the second biggest downloaded app on iPhone this summer. Prisma app is used for photo editing.

This app which is the artificial intelligence-powered program transforms our pictures into digital art. You can transform your pictures into digital art from the available options of work of so many digital artists.

IOS users love this app which made it the second biggest app of this summer. App was downloaded 10M times on IOS.  But there was a disappointment on the part of Android users because the app was not installed on google play.

 But the good news is after 10M users on IOS Prisma is now available for android users. And android users seem to go crazy for this app. The app was installed on google play this Sunday. But it was over downloaded by users which result in crashed link on google play. Prisma went offline on google play. On Monday morning tweet from Prisma management and developers said that

  “Sorry for inconvenience, hard time now. Soon will be live. Thank you for your patience.”

The company didn’t reveal any news on the outage but according to sources this crashed has happened due to overload usage of the app by the customers who were going crazy to put their selfies online after transforming them into digital art.

Last month Prisma was launched on iOS by the developers. This amazing app has features to turn pictures into work of Edvard Munch, Roy Lichtenstein, Piet Mondrian, Hokusai (pictured), and more. This is done by app because it has learning algorithms installed in it. This app has amazing speed you can upload it to any social media within 20 seconds and then can easily edit even with the swipe of your figure.  You have options to directly share on social media or to save your photo library.

App was developed by Russian team they firstly launched app only on iOS for apple users then within one month App hit 10 M download and it became the second largest used app by iOS users in summers. Which was surely an achievement for Russian team and then they decided to launch the app on the google plus as well.

Why did Prisma become a success?

Everyone is wondering why this app become such a huge success within only one month? Well, we all know that there is so shortage of app which can transform our pictures the way we want them to. There is huge competition in the market among the photo editor app companies. So if you really want to enter in this market and want you to become successful you have to do something special which can hit users unique styles and can create hype within the industry.

This is the exact thing which was done by the Russian team they bring this unique option in this app, by using it you can easily transform your pictures into any form of digital art you want. You can blend and mix different styles of art editing into one picture.

Users are happy about Prisma available on android. In these times when hundreds of photo transformation apps are available, users really don’t bother talking on social media about one specific app. Prisma has really done this, it created hype that everyone on social media is talking about Prisma.

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